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Ross Church

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade / Civil Service

Third Secretary

Ross Church

I am currently Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Ireland in Singapore, having arrived here in August 2015. I joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in April 2014, where I worked in the Press Office. I previously worked in the Communications Team for the EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton.

As Deputy Head of Mission I support the work of our Ambassador, as well as the work of the IDA and Enterprise Ireland who have staff here. From Singapore, the Embassy is also accredited to the Philippines, East Timor, and Brunei. We work to build the close links that Ireland has with these countries, particularly in the areas of trade, investment and education. We also seek to boost links in the tourism and culture fields. We also work closely with the Irish community in Singapore which numbers around 2-3,000. There are approximately 50 Irish companies currently operating in Singapore.

I enjoy being able to work for Ireland and serve my country abroad through promoting and protecting Ireland’s interests and values. Particular highlights for me so far have been where I have had the opportunity being able to see different parts of world and work with people from different cultures, including in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Malawi. My assignment in Singapore will be for 3-4 years, after which I will return to Dublin for a number of years and then take up another posting elsewhere.

I would encourage any graduate with a strong commitment to public service and to working for Ireland to consider applying to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. You need to be resilient, adaptable and open to change but it is a varied, exciting and unique career.