image of person receiving an award

The Public Appointments Service (PAS) has received many prestigious awards - these are a testament to our staffs dedication and professionalism.

At PAS, we continue to make great strides in improving our services to the public. As the leading recruiter of the public sector, we have won numerous awards for recruitment excellence. Below is a list of recent awards that we have won or have been nominated for.


2021 Public Sector Award for Excellence in Recruitment Services

We have won the 2021 Public Sector Award for Excellence in Recruitment Services.


2020 Public Sector Award for Excellence in Recruitment Services

We have won the 2020 Public Sector Award for Excellence in Recruitment Services.


2019, gradIreland-Best Graduate Website

PAS was nominated for the Best Graduate Website at the gradIreland Awards .


2018, gradIreland-Best Student Marketing Campaign

PAS was nominated for the Best Student Marketing Campaign at the gradIreland Awards for the International Careers Fair at the Careers Development Roundtable. The event, hosted in Dublin Castle, attracted over 1000 attendees and featured organisations such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the Department of Foreign Affairs.


2018, Irish Institute of Training and Development Awards (IITD Awards) 

We were finalist at the IITB Awards for Excellence in Digital Learning for our blended learning initiative in partnership with the Learning Rooms. The project used an e-learning hub in the design and delivery of blended learning to train interview board members on our approach to interviewing. 


2017, NSAI Excellence Through People (ETP) Accreditation

PAS holds this accreditation since the NSAI Scheme has been in place (and held accreditation in the previous scheme run by FAS). PAS was successful in the annual NSAI assessment for Excellence Through People (ETP) accreditation in 2017. The focus of ETP is to get organisations to look at their people as a key source of competitive advantage. The model helps organisations achieve business improvement by:

  • Putting the right human resource systems in place to maximise employee contribution;
  • Aligning people practices with the goals of the organisation;
  • Maximising the investment in human resource management.

The process for business improvement covers six core sections. These sections are:

  • Business planning and continuous improvement;
  • Effective communication and people engagement;
  • Leadership and people management;
  • Planning of learning and development;
  • Evaluation of learning and development;
  • Human resource systems and employee well being.

The assessor was on site for the assessment in 2017, reviewing written evidence of compliance with the standard, and interviewing a selection of staff in the office. The assessor examined three areas and followed up on recommendations made in the previous assessment in 2016. PAS will be subject to a further assessment under this Scheme in quarter three 2018.


2017-Finalist at the SOCKIES

We were finalists at the SOCKIES for our use of Facebook by a State Body. The SOCKIES highlight excellence in social media use. To find out why we were finalists in this category, why not take a look at what we are doing on facebook.

2016-Civil Service Excellence and Innovation Awards

In 2016, PAS, in collaboration with the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, won for the Transformation of Graduate Recruitment in the Civil Service.  

2015-Civil Service Excellence and Innovation Awards for Excellence in Innovation

PAS was shortlisted for the Civil Service Excellence and Innovation Award, in the Excellence in Innovation category, for our project on the new State Boards appointment process. The initiative focused on quality of candidate, transparency and gender balance. Stateboards is our customised website which provides information on vacancies on State Boards. You can visit the website here.

2015-GradIreland Award

In 2015, PAS was awarded the Graduate Recruitment Website of the year for our website has since been incorporated into the website in our Graduate Section.