Sinéad Coleman

Public Appointments Service / Civil Service

Administrative Officer

Sinead Coleman

After completing a Masters in Human Resource Management I joined the Private Sector. After a number of years, I looked towards progressing my career and the Administrative Officer role in the Civil Service seemed like a challenging but rewarding option.

I joined the Civil Service through a HR stream allowing me the opportunity to use the knowledge obtained through education, while also applying the practical experience I had gained since leaving the college. Since joining the Public Appointments Service I have felt like a valued member of the team. I have been able to work on various projects and meet a wide range of people.

The progression opportunities the role offers, and the ongoing focus on continuous learning & development, is a real advantage of the Administrative Officer role. The insights, support and personal development I am gaining from participating on the new Civil Service Graduate Development Programme is also extremely valuable. The opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with graduates in other Departments on a regular basis is a real plus.