Applying for Civil Service and Public Service Graduate level roles

There are a number of options for graduates and people with third level qualifications in the Civil and Public Service. These opportunities include roles such as Administrative Officer (AO), Executive Officer (EO), specialist & professional posts e.g. Statisticians, Economists, Engineers, Auditors etc and new roles for graduates in Local Government. As graduate campaigns tend to attract interest from a range of top quality candidates, it is a highly competitive process and can involve a number of stages as outlined below in Our Process.

We are looking for the best and the employing organisations are keen to build and regenerate the Public Service. In order to identify the top candidates we ask all our applicants to go through a thorough but fair and transparent application and assessment process. There is no doubt it is challenging but the ‘proof is in the pudding’ with a succession of top quality people coming through to start or enhance their careers through taking up a role in the public service. We make every effort to keep you informed of your progress primarily through our messaging service on and also through our dedicated team here in PAS.

Applications should be made online through Please ensure you complete all parts of the form.

Before applying you need to log-on to and, if you have not already done so, and register as a ‘New User’ to create your profile (register a new account). Please do not confuse registering (creating a profile) with submitting an application. Once you have created a profile you will then be able to access the application form, complete and submit it.

Once you have submitted your application form it is suggested that you return to your publicjobs account and ensure that it has been successfully submitted via ‘my applications’.

Campaign updates will issue to your Messageboard after each selection stage. You are advised to check your Messageboard on a regular basis. Please be aware that email notifications of updates/tests on your Messageboard may sometimes be filtered into your Junk/Spam email folders. You are also advised to check these folders regularly.

Our process

Simply click on the 'Register' button below and create your new profile.
This should only take a few minutes.

  • Browse and apply online for job opportunities.
  • Once entered, your personal details will be retained for future job applications.
  • View the status of any campaigns for which you have applied.

Once registered and a campaign opens that is of interest, for example EO or AO opportunities in the Civil Service, you can expect the process to involve the following key elements:

Our Process

The above is approximate as each campaign varies, the steps involved in each campaign will be published in the respective Information Booklet. Please refer to this for the actual process.

Key tips

Putting yourself forward for a role is tough and you can expect a lot of competition for the small number of opportunities available. As with so many other aspects of life where you may be chasing a prize or looking to achieve / succeed, preparation and giving it 100% is critical.

In order to ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance to succeed in our assessment process, we have an excellent information hub designed to help you along the way. The information hub offers guidance regarding different public sector careers and the varying application procedures. Information regarding selection tests and interview advice is also readily available in the advice centre. Please take some time to review the useful information and guidance below:

Key dates

We will post information about key events, dates and opportunities here as they arise, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

The information we provide you with will include details pertaining to any new or up-and-coming graduate campaigns, interesting presentations or open-evenings that may be taking place, and any events or promotions relating to careers in the public service.

Once a campaign is up-and-running we also keep the Familiarisation Booklets (in the Advice Centre) up to date with key dates and deadlines.

In the meantime please ensure you are registered on and have signed up for a Graduate Opportunity job alert to ensure you are notified when relevant campaigns are advertised.