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Amy Burke | Graduate Recruitment Marketing Workshop


“It’s my third week on the job. I was invited to take part in a workshop discussing the graduate recruitment process in the civil service. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, mostly because we were warned there would be a photographer there – was I ready for my close up?

I arrived at PAS and was pleasantly surprised to see a room full of enthusiastic, friendly graduates. It was a great opportunity to meet some other people who had started the same time as me in other departments and hear how they have found the first few weeks and also to meet some people who have been here a couple of years. We had a really productive day and really felt like we were all being listened to and that our input was not only being taken on board but that it was very much valued aswell!

The day consisted of a number of brainstorming sessions and group work exercises which meant that we got to talk and work with people in a smaller team and discuss personal experiences more. I really learnt there is so much diversity to the types of roles and work that goes on in the civil service and so many great opportunities.

The day ended with the group swapping emails so that we could all keep in touch and hopefully be a support to each-other! Everyone agreed it was really beneficial to be able get together in that type of setting and get an opportunity to talk to people in similar situations”