Matthew Jones

Department of Finance / Civil Service

Administrative Officer


During my undergraduate in UCD, I was focused on the goal of becoming a teacher. After graduating, I taught English in Japan for two years, but found that the role of a teacher was not for me. After returning to Ireland, I joined the Department of Justice as a Clerical Officer in May of 2015. After a year, I was promoted to Executive Officer, and 10 months later, I was promoted to Administrative Officer and transferred to the Department of Finance.

What we do

As an Administrative Officer, I am responsible for Capital Taxes, such as Stamp Duties and Local Property Tax. This is an incredibly rewarding role and it has allowed me to be part of some critical policy reviews and to have an input on the way the Irish economy will grow and develop over the coming years. There is no guarantee for what any given day will throw at you, and this guarantees that my team and I are always on our toes, always on the lookout for potential problems, and always faced with stimulating challenges.

Learning and Development

Joining the Civil Service was a fantastic decision. When I joined, there was an unfair reputation for inefficiencies, and I was a little concerned about what I was getting into. That changed after I saw the hard work and dedication of my colleagues in Justice and Finance. I saw that the Civil Service has become a place where talented individuals are able to make a valuable contribution to the state and pursue a dynamic career path. I have found the working environment to be collaborative and cooperative as we are all driven by the objective of making the country that bit better for everyone.

During my three and a half years in the Civil Service, I have had great opportunities to develop my skills. I have graduated with a Postgraduate degree in Public Management, a Diploma in Public Relations, and I am currently undertaking a Professional Diploma in Tax Policy and Practice. In the Civil Service, talented individuals who show aptitude and dedication can advance quickly and I will be able to continue my academic development through additional courses,or further my contribution to the state through a more senior role in the coming months or years.