Colin Kavanagh

Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment / Civil Service

Administrative Officer


I had always had an interest in politics, current affairs and the role of government. So, when I finished my Public and Social Policy degree in NUI Galway, joining the Civil Service was the first thing on my mind. Unfortunately, it was 2011 and the middle of the biggest economic downturn the country had ever seen. With little or no job opportunities available, I decided to return to education. When I graduated with my Masters in Public Policy from UCD, the recruitment embargo had been lifted and general Civil Service roles were once again being advertised.While my ambition had always been to work in a policy role, I initially started my career as a Clerical Officer in the Criminal Courts of Justice.

The scope for advancement in a Civil Service career is excellent though and it wasn’t long before I was promoted to Executive Officer. A year and another competition later I got the call from the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Reform to join them as an Administrative Officer. It was 2 promotions in 18 months so I had to learn quickly, but I’m now where I want to be, working as part of the Broadcasting Policy team on really interesting topics that I’m passionate about.

What I do

Preparing briefings for the minister and senior officials, policy research, legislative drafting preparation and producing memos to government are just some of the varied and challenging tasks my job involves. I take great pride in my work, and there’s great satisfaction in knowing when a bill is passed in the Dáil, or a particular policy is implemented that you were involved in.