Cormac McGann

Department of Agriculture / Civil Service

Administrative Officer


I joined the Civil Service as an Administrative Officer in 2015, following a year in London completing an MA in Classics at King’s College London. I had never considered a job in the Civil Service when selecting a degree, but around the time I was graduating, the first competitions in a number of years were posted online and a friend recommended that it might be a good fit for me. The ability to work for an organisation that is implementing policy, dealing with the public, and working for the betterment of Ireland was something that I found very appealing. I was lucky to get offered a position that year, and I’ve enjoyed my work ever since.

What we do

I currently work for the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine (DAFM), in the National Disease Control Centre, where my work focuses on contingency planning for the complicated logistics of controlling disease outbreaks. It has been quite a departure from my area of study, but that has been my favourite thing about a career in the Civil Service so far.

Learning and Development

There is always scope to try new things, learn new skills, and work in different areas. In the course of my work, I have travelled all around Ireland meeting people and learning new things, and have organised series of events to train other members of staff, nationwide.

I love the opportunities that I have had to travel with and the things I have been introduced to through my work in DAFM. I travel to Brussels for monthly meetings, and have discovered an interest in policy analysis through aspects of the meetings I attend there. My colleagues and managers have been very supportive in my pursuit of this interest, and I have undertaken to study for a Masters of Economic Science in Policy Analysis in the Institute of Public Administration (IPA). Studying at the IPA is a great privilege offered to many civil servants.