Simon Nix

Department of Finance / Civil Service

Administrative Officer

Simon Nix

I started working in the Department of Finance in March 2015 after completing a BA in Political Science, Sociology & Classical Civilisations and an LLB in National University of Ireland, Galway.

Working in the Markets and Securities Unit in the Financial Services Division has been very rewarding. My role involves engaging in negotiations with other EU Member States to agree on legislation that provides the most effective protection for investors, promotes market stability and integration while fostering competition and innovation. I am involved in writing reports, policy analysis, drafting legislation, meeting with stakeholders and representing the Department in Europe.

The choice to pursue a career in the Civil Service was an easy one to make. There are very few career paths that allow you to work in such a wide variety of areas whether by transferring to another unit, division or Government Department. The flexibility of working hours allows for a very good work-life balance and there is an emphasis within the Department on training and development with many opportunities open for progressing one’s education and skills. One example of this is the Civil Service Graduate Development Programme which is tailored to provide new Administrative Officers with the tools to perform at a high level in all areas of their role including project management and negotiations.

I find the working environment to be very friendly and supportive and I have benefited greatly from working with management and colleagues who have a very impressive depth of knowledge and expertise. I find my team to be highly motivated and will always strive to deliver. New Administrative Officers are often surprised by the level of responsibility they are entrusted with early in their careers but this is accompanied by strong leadership from management and an environment that fosters personal and professional growth.