Tracey Wosser

Office of the Comptroller Auditor General / Civil Service

Trainee Auditor

Tracey Wosser

Having graduated from Dublin City University (DCU) with an honours degree in Business Studies, I went to work as a trainee accountant in a private accountancy practice. During my time here I completed my ACCA examinations.

I spent just over four years in the private sector developing my accounting skills and gaining valuable knowledge from the more senior accountants in the office. When I began to feel comfortable in my role I decided to seek something more challenging. I wanted to test myself and my abilities. It was around this time that I applied for the position in the Civil Service.

I joined the Office of the Comptroller Auditor General as a trainee auditor in October 2013. The role was fast paced and challenging from the beginning and was exactly what I was looking for. The role allowed me to use the accounting skills and the knowledge I gained earlier in my career while also allowing me to use my initiative.

What I found different from this role compared to previous roles is that every week differs; there is a lot of variety within the role, you travel to interesting places, meet new people and encounter various challenges along the way. I never find myself bored and looking for something to do, which is great!

Recently I have been promoted to the role of Auditor within the Office of the Comptroller Auditor General. This new role is providing new and exciting challenges and gives me added responsibility when compared to the trainee role. My promotion also shows that there is quite a lot of opportunity to progress within the job and that you are recognised for your hard work. It is great to know that your efforts are appreciated.

Since joining the Civil Service I have been provided with more responsibility, been given the opportunity to develop my skills, gain more knowledge, and advance my career while also been able to maintain a good work life balance.