Higher Executive Officer

What is the role?

As a Higher Executive Officer, you will be a key member of the mid-management team and report to and support an Assistant Principal in pursuit of goals of the organisation. You will advise and interact with senior management in respect of their areas of responsibility and play a central role in driving organisational change.

Candidates must have experience in managing and leading teams, managing projects, managing budgets and developing or implementing policy.

What are the requirements?

Details on the particular skills and requirements for this role can be found in the Information Booklet for each campaign at this level. An example of an Information Booklet for a recent campaign can be found here.

You might also find it useful to look at the competency framework for this level.


Starting salary is €48,028.

Learning and Development:

The Training/Development opportunities you might experience in the Public Service depend on several things, including the specific role you have been offered, the Organisation/ Department you have been placed in, and the skills required to carry out your job in the role.

Depending on the role, as a Higher Executive Officer you could expect to advance your personal skills in a wide range of different ways, and you could have the opportunity to up-skill and develop yourself professionally through high-quality training programmes, mentoring and support systems, internal training initiatives, and many more – all in order to make sure you have the skills and knowledge required to succeed in a fast-paced and results-oriented role in the Public Service.