Science week

Science Week is taking place across the country this week with the support of Science Foundation Ireland. It aims to engage the Irish Public in all aspects of the Scientific fields with interactive, interesting and fun events. The multitude of events are suited to a wide range of the public, not just existing scientists but for burgeoning scientists interested in the STEM fields as well.

On social media, #StopAndAsk is a popular feature returning to Science Week. The social media # allows the general public to get answers to their burning Science questions like- “Why do onions make me cry?” “What would happen to the world if there were no insects?” and “Why do people have double joints?”

Other, more practical questions for those in working in the Science arena might be- “How can I advance my career once I have finished studying?” and “Where can I find new opportunities in my chosen field?” One answer would be with the Public Appointment Service. While we run competitions for general Civil and Public Service grades, we also advertise and hire for Science and Maths roles in a number of different Scientific and State bodies.

Over the course of the last year we have advertised a variety of Science roles for the Civil Service, the Public Service and Irish Institutions. Roles like Forensic Scientist, Lab Analyst, Meteorologist, Aquatic Wetlands Ecologist, Bird Ecologist, Hydrologist, Marine Scientific Policy Advisor and Senior Executive Engineer have all been filled in the 2017-2018 period. This is just a sample of the opportunities offered by the Public Appointment Services for Scientists looking for new career prospects.

At the moment we are advertising for Civil Engineers to work with the Office of Public Works and a position with the Department of Justice and Equality as Head of ICT.