Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is taking part around the country with the bulk of the festivities in Dublin and Cork.

The Dublin Chinese New Year Festival will kick off on Friday, the 1st of February and will run until
the 17th of February with numerous events
dotted about the capital.

There are host of events related to education, family, culture and work life balance. This year is the year of the pig which signifies good luck and hard work.

Some of this year’s stand out events include the Chinese New Year Resource Pack for Schools,
which aims to promote the traditions associated with Chinese New Year to school children, and the Mindfulness-Living in the Moment talks which touches on the busy demands of careers, work life balance and the pressures of modern day life.

The first Cork Chinese New Year will take place in Cork at Nano Nagle Place on the 4th of February.

Happy New Year to one and all!