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Commission For Public Service Appointments

Our Association with the CPSA

In 2004 the Civil Service and Local Appointments Commission (CSLAC) was dissolved and two new bodies were established; the Public Appointments Service (PAS) and the Commission for Public Service Appointments (CPSA). is the website of the Public Appointments Service, which acts as the centralised recruitment, assessment and selection body for the public service. Together with the CPSA, we will work to provide an efficient, fair recruitment service.

The CPSA's role is to regulate recruitment in the public service. It publishes recruitment and selection Codes of Practice, which outline the standards to which all public service bodies must conform when conducting recruitment & selection.

The CPSA's mission is:

"to achieve an excellent public service by fostering a flexible approach in recruitment and selection while upholding the principles of probity, merit, equity and fairness"

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