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Our Board

The Public Appointments Service (PAS) was established, under the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004, on 19th October 2004. The Act states that the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform (in consultation with Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, the Minister for Health, and the Minister for Justice and Equality) should appoint members of the Board of the Public Appointments Service.

The Current Board of PAS is as follows:

  • Mr Tom Moran,
  • Dr. Eddie Molloy,
    HR Consultant
  • Ms. Anne Marie Taylor,
    HR Consultant
  • Mr. Paul Lemass,
    Assistant Secretary - Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government
  • Mr. David Cagney,
    Chief Human Resources Officer for the Civil Service, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
  • Mr. Damien McCallion,
    National Director, Health Service Executive
  • Mr. John O’Callaghan,
    Department of Justice and Equality
  • Ms. Mary Connaughton,
    HR Consultant
  • Fiona Tierney CEO,

Minutes of PAS Board Meetings

PAS Board Meeting 16th June 2017 
PDF | 59KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_16th_June_2017.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 21st April 2017 
PDF | 30KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_21st_April_2017.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 10th February 2017 
PDF | 28KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_10th_February_2017.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 9th December 2016 
PDF | 60KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_9th_December_2016.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 4th November 2016 
PDF | 112KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_4th_November_2016.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 2nd September 2016 
PDF | 60KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_2nd_September_2016.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 17th June 2016 
PDF | 103KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_17th_June_2016.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 22nd April 2016 
PDF | 105KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_22nd_April_2016.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 23rd February 2016 
PDF | 62KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_23rd_February_2016.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 4th December 2015 
PDF | 61KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_4th_December_2015.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 16th October 2015 
PDF | 104KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_16th_October_2015.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 4th September 2015 
PDF | 110KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_4th_September_2015.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 24th April 2015 
PDF | 112KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_24th_April_2015.pdf

PAS Board Meeting 20th February 2015 
PDF | 122KB | PAS_Board_Meeting_20th_February_2015.pdf

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