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Various Public Sector Positions

Ray Harli, Architect

Ray Harli, Architect

Everyday is an education.

Ray Harli

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Everyday is an education, you constantly have to educate and re-educate yourself.

Nora Barry, Third Secretary

Nora Barry, Third Secretary

You should have a key interest in current affairs.

Nora Barry

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An enthusiastic approach to my daily tasks and a desire to learn ensures I make the most of every experience.

Damien Dollard, Clerical Officer

Damien Dollard, Clerical Officer

You're encouraged to work on your own initiative.

Damien Dollard

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Attention to detail and the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people with different needs are very important in my job.

Paul Shortt, Industrial Relations Officer

Paul Shortt, Industrial Relations Officer

There is a broad range of courses.

Paul Shortt

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The job requires someone who is able to work under pressure, is comfortable with public speaking, is confident, assertive and decisive.

Sinead O'Hara, Higher Executive Officer

Sinead O'Hara, Higher Executive Officer

I can work with a team.

Sinead O'Hara

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I have both the possibility to work closely with a team, as well as the opportunity to work on, and have an input into the formulation of new policy.

Aoife Lyons, Psychologist, Occupational

Aoife Lyons, Psychologist, Occupational

Do your research.

Aoife Lyons

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I am employed to bring the principles of psychology into the recruitment and selection service that the Public Appointments Service offers

Recruit Prison Officer

Prison Service - Careers Information

Richie Roche, Chief Prison Officer

We train our staff to the highest standard possible

Richie Roche

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The mission statement of the Irish Prison Service is to provide safe, secure and humane custody for all our prisoners entrusted to us by the courts.

Margaret Donaghue,

The job offers security in many aspects

Margaret Donaghue

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Tasks range from working on a landing, in the school, gym, waiting room, escort duty to hospital or court etc.

Paul Harding,

For me, the lifestyle suits me very well

Paul Harding

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I must remain alert and ready to deal with any situation as and when they arise.

Clerical Officer

Make the first move

Clerical Officers work in all departments in Ireland, providing vital input to the team through a range of general office duties. To become a Clerical Officer, you need to have a good general educational standard and be friendly, efficient and customer focused.

Executive Officer

Kick-start your management career

Doreen Kirwan,

Job Sharing is of great benefit to me.

Doreen Kirwan

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The Executive Officer position is the first level of management in the department and your role will involve project management and staff management.

Administrative Officer

This is a vital role and as Administrative Officer you are involved in the formation of the policies and strategies that improve our economic, financial, international, environmental and social issues. You will be assigned to a parent Government Department/Office.

Third Secretary

Taking a diplomatic approach

The job of Third Secretary is the first step in a diplomatic career. The role involves advising the government on Ireland's external relations and being the official communication channel for foreign governments and international organisations.

Higher Executive Officer

The Higher Executive Officer is a mid-management role, in which you are required to manage and lead a diverse team, manage projects and budgets and help to develop government policy.

Assistant Principal

A career with a difference

Lynne Broderick,

My career in the Civil Service is rewarding.

Lynne Broderick

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The Assistant Principal Officer role is diverse and can involve managing large teams, handling projects and budgets, strategic management and helping to develop government policies.

Professional / Specialist Roles

The Civil Service is involved in a diverse range of activities and as such employs a large number of professional and technical staff. Some examples of the kind of specialist staff employed in the public sector are detailed below:


Saving lives is all in a days work

John Robinson,

wide selection of skills required for this job

John Robinson

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The role of Firefighter is a one that is held in extremely high esteem. This team is suitably respected within the community for the service they provide to the public.

Caroline Byrne,

..making a difference in my community

Caroline Byrne

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Roles within the fire brigade include firefighting, driving ambulances and fire appliances, providing emergency medical assistance technician and operating the control room, among others.

David Connolly,

Providing a service to help genuine people

David Connolly

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Garda Trainee

Working for the public's good

The work of a Garda will involve protecting and serving the public, reducing theft and crime and generally making our home a safer place to live.

It's a serious task and a fulfilling position, which requires an extremely committed, hardworking approach.

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