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Lynne Broderick - In Interview

My career in the Civil Service is challenging and rewarding, allowing me scope to develop a wide range of skills in different areas.

Lynne Broderick

My name is Lynn Broderick and over the past few years I have worked in a number of Assistant Principal Officer level roles within the Corporate Services area of the Department of Agriculture and Food.

During this time my responsibilities have included the development and implementation of the Department's Human Resource Management Strategy involving, in broad terms, matching the needs and expectations of the Department with those of its 2,000 Civil Servants, Professional and Technical staff. Our Corporate Services area has 50 staff. I have been involved in staff recruitment and development; succession planning; partnership negotiations with staff representatives; management of Industrial Relations; managing change across the Department and the promotion of the flexible and adaptable work practices as set out in the National Partnership agreements. Most recently I have been leading a project team charged with the responsibility of introducing a Computerised Human Resource Management System for the Department. Initially the project team comprised of 10 people. Our project's budget for expenditure on hardware, software and development over three years is €1,000,000.

My career in the Civil Service is challenging and rewarding allowing me scope to develop a wide range of skills in different areas. One of the most gratifying elements of my work is the collegiate spirit I have come across both within my own department and through the broad networks of contacts across a wide range of Government Departments. I have received invaluable advice from colleagues who have always been ready to share their knowledge and expertise. I have received generous support from the Department while pursuing relevant studies and am encouraged to attend seminars on topical subjects e.g. equality issues, partnership approach, managing bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Having served a number of years as an Assistant Principal Officer I am now confident I can make the step up to the Principal Officer and have the option of exploring promotion opportunities within my own Department or through the Civil Service wide interdepartmental promotion arrangements, into another Government Department.

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