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At a time when there are a limited range of jobs available, it can be helpful to explore a variety of careers and opportunities. We are giving you an opportunity to reflect on a range of careers and a variety of roles from a broad range of sectors, jobs and levels (including school leaver and graduate). We have provided links to a range of websites which are focused on helping people identify their interests and skills.

The links below feature a range of interesting websites which are focused on helping people to identify their interests and skills and understand better the variety of roles that exist across a broad range of sectors.

Careers Portal

Careers Portal is a very useful and informative Irish website that provides a range of self assessment material as well as other careers information across a broad range of Sectors, both Public and Private, and education levels, from Junior Cert to Third Level.


O*NET (Occupational Information Network) is a well recognised US Careers directory. The O*NET database contains information on hundreds of occupations, the tasks and activities involved in such jobs and the knowledge, skills and abilities required by these jobs. It details the level of education / training and experience required for each occupation (Job Zone). It includes an interactive application for exploring and searching occupations.

Career Decision Making Tool

The Career Decision Making Tool will help you to identify an appropriate career direction and select or develop an educational program or plan that will provide the knowledge and skills needed to succeed within your chosen career field.

Career Development Toolkit

The Career Development Toolkit is a central library of relevant resources. It includes information on career planning and work preparation.


Graduate Careers Ireland (Gradireland) is the professional association for careers services in higher education in Ireland, north and south. It fosters co-operation among the individual careers services, producing a range of careers publications and services for students and graduates in partnership with GTI. Graduate Careers Ireland also undertakes collaborative activities involving employers, public bodies and academic staff.

Prospects - Graduate Careers Site

This is the Official graduate careers site in the UK. It provides free online access to tools to help you identify your skills, motivations and interests in order to generate ideas for career direction. On this site you are provided with the opportunity to complete the following:

Self Assessment

Skills profile helps to identify the skill factors that are important to an individual in their career choice. Once you have completed the skills profile then you can do a match to see the job types that are a good or poor match to your profile.

Interests and Motivations Profile indicates the interests and motivations that may be important to you in your career choices. You can indicate which factors would play a part in their ideal job e.g. a major or minor part or something to be avoided completely.

Career Match

Once you have completed the interests and motivations profile you can then do a match to see the job types that are a good or poor match to your profile. It is then suggested that you spend most of your time investigating those types of jobs which provide a good match to your profile.

It is possible for you to merge your skills profile with your interests and motivations profile to see which job types match your combined profile.

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