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Job Simulation

These sample job simulation tests are for demonstration purposes only.

Each of the five answer options presented is a realistic course of action. There are marks available for each answer option presented, with the marks varying in relation to the appropriateness of the action for each particular scenario

Scenario 1

You are working in a Government department on a busy project for which there are tight time deadlines. It is now Friday afternoon and you have an important task to complete by Monday afternoon. This involves preparing a report for the Minister about an important issue that the Minister needs to respond to. A senior manager newly appointed to a different but related area in your department, asks you to photocopy a very large amount of material, to be ready first thing Monday morning. You have no staff of your own and the staff who work with this senior manager have expressed their dissatisfaction with having to do additional work for you in the past.

Do You

Scenario 2

You are working in a section in a Government department, which is preparing to move its record keeping system from a manually based system to a computerised system. All the staff in the section are involved in the planning and design of the new system and the task is producing a good team spirit within the section. You have a number of ideas for the new system, which you have discussed informally with a colleague. A meeting is held to discuss the arrangements for computerisation of the section and you had planned on suggesting these ideas at the meeting. At the meeting your colleague submits a written proposal which is heavily based on your ideas, without any acknowledgment of your contribution. The proposal is received enthusiastically by the group and it looks likely to be implemented. Although you are pleased that what you had suggested to your colleague was well received at the meeting and is likely to be implemented, you resent the way your colleague went about it.

Do You

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