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Applications are now being accepted for the following courses: Beginners and intermediate Japanese, beginners Polish, intermediate to advanced Russian, an introduction to Chinese culture and a Musical Theatre Performance Workshop. The Language Department, with the exception of the Musical Theatre Performance Workshop, which is being run by the Drama Society, is running all of the above courses. Application forms can be obtained from the Faculty of Arts Administration Office. Please note: the closing date for receipt of applications is March 10th. All fees are outlined in the application form and 10% deposits are due in advance of the commencement of each course.

1. There are no courses available for those who wish to study Russian. True False Cannot Say
2. The Faculty of Arts Administration office only holds information on courses run by the Language Department and the Drama Society. True False Cannot Say
3. Full fees are due in advance of the course start date. True False Cannot Say
4. Applications will be accepted for all courses until March 10th. True False Cannot Say
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