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Numerical Reasoning

This test measures the ability to absorb and evaluate numerical information and to make correct decisions or inferences. It measures certain aspects of complex reasoning which are important in the Assistant Principal grade.


Please answer the questions using the figures presented in the tables.

For each question you are given either five or ten options to choose from: A, B, C, D, E, AB, AC, AD, AE or BC. For questions with five answer options click on either A, B, C, D or E. For questions with ten answer options, click on A, B, C, D or E if you choose one of these, or both A and B if you choose AB or both B and C if you choose BC and so on. One, and only one, of the options is correct in each case.

Altogether there are 8 questions. Each question relates to one of the tables on the page. Once you have completed all 8 questions, you may view your results and the explanations for each answer.

It is important to note that these practice questions are not timed [the 'real' Numerical Reasoning' tests carried out by the Public Appointments Service would be subject to time constraints].

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