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Job Simulation

This job simulation exercise attempts to identify what you would be most likely to do when presented with a scenario typical of what could occur in an AP work situation. These typical work situations may involve planning and organising work and resources, dealing effectively with other people, ensuring that high standards are achieved in the workplace or demonstrating the appropriate level of decisiveness, as and when necessary. The scenarios have been chosen by A.P's from various different departments to reflect the variety of work found in the AP grade, it does not reflect what might happen in your department.


In this test you are presented with a question concerning a work related scenario. Your task is to choose which one of five possible courses of action you would be most likely to carry out based on the information presented in the scenario.

Each answer option presented is a realistic course of action. Please be as honest as you can in selecting your responses. You should not select an answer on the basis that it seems the right thing to say. The questions are concerned with determining your preferred course of action given a certain scenario/context. Choose what you think you would do based on the information provided.

Give yourself between 1 and 1½ minutes to do this example question.

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