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Many businesses have endeavoured to make comment cards available at all of their customer service outlets and a few are considering the feasibility of establishing customer panels on a pilot basis. However, some businesses have acknowledged that the response to customer surveys in the past has been poor, possibly reflecting the frequently voiced customer complaints of too much form filling. It may also be an indication that progress has been made and that customers are more satisfied with the customer service being offered.

1. Numerous businesses have attempted to make comment cards available at their customer service outlets. True False Cannot Say
2. The response to customer surveys decreases when customers are satisfied with the customer service being offered. True False Cannot Say
3. Some businesses are investigating the viability of setting up customer panels on a pilot basis. True False Cannot Say
4. The number of forms to be filled in by customers causes some people to complain. True False Cannot Say

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Passage No. 2

Companies are seeking to improve their Web-Site so that requests for information can be dealt with more promptly and their new site will also contain customer services information. Also, "Direct Dial Inwards" (DDI) has been introduced along with VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. This facilitates calls between the Company and other VPN sites. As most sites have converted to DDI this means that staff should be in a position to dial desk to desk. This also means that customers can be transferred to the appropriate agency without having to make a second phone call. Staff are encouraged to use proper voice mail recordings with up to date information.

5. One reason why companies are trying to develop their web-sites is to respond to queries more quickly. True False Cannot Say
6. All staff can now dial from desk to desk. True False Cannot Say
7. DDI can only operate on VPN systems. True False Cannot Say
8. It is obligatory for staff to abide by the rules regarding proper voice mail recording. True False Cannot Say

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Passage No. 3

Many colleges are now taking a more progressive approach towards education and training. Colleges now offer a greater variety of academic courses to meet the needs of today's employer. Students are encouraged to explore all training and career options before they decide on a particular course. Advice is available from career guidance counsellors who will help the student to choose a course that will suit their needs. Because the courses are also provided through distance education it allows the individual to study at home and correspond with lecturers by using e-mail and facsimile machine. Obtaining qualifications which have credibility with employers and which accurately reflect the scope and level of the individual's abilities and achievements is vital for all those trying to access the job market.

9. There are a greater number of academic courses available from colleges aimed at meeting the needs of employers. True False Cannot Say
10. Academic courses are only provided through distance education. True False Cannot Say
11. Many courses are provided at honours degree and post graduate level. True False Cannot Say
12. Before deciding on an academic course, students are advised to investigate all choices available to them. True False Cannot Say
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