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Verbal Reasoning

This test measures the ability to absorb and evaluate verbal information and to make correct decisions or inferences. It is designed to measure other aspects of complex reasoning which are important in the Statistician grade. Instructions In this test, you are given a passage of text which is followed by several statements. Your task is to evaluate the statements in the light of the information or opinions contained in the passage and to select your answer according to the rules given below.

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE


  • Click Box A if the statement is TRUE given the information in the passage
  • Click Box B if the statement is FALSE given the information in the passage
  • Click Box C if you cannot say whether the statement is true or false without further information.

Base your answers only on the information given in the passage.

It is important to note that these practice questions are not timed [ the 'real' Verbal Reasoning' tests carried out by the Public Appointments Service would be subject to time constraints].

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