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Selecting the best person for the job requires a good understanding of what the job entails. All elements of the job should be examined in addition to looking at how the role is likely to evolve in the future.  When the job has been clearly defined it is critical to explore the skills, knowledge and experience needed to perform it successfully.

Within the Public Service the Performance Management Development System (PMDS) has delivered better quality information on jobs and can facilitate the development of role profiles and definition of objectives, key activities and deliverables.

This section examines the likely format and content of Job Descriptions and Person Specifications and the mechanisms for gathering information about a given job.  It will help to answer such questions as:

  • What should be in the Job Description?
  • What are the key objectives of the post?
  • What are the key activities of the post?
  • What should be in the Person Specification?
  • How can knowledge and experience, required for the post, be described?
  • What skills and qualities are absolutely essential?
  • How do I avoid discrimination in Job Descriptions and Person Specifications?
  • How do I gather information about the job?

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