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Following an advertisement which has attracted a high quality candidate pool, attention turns to implementing a selection system that can effectively eliminate less suitable candidates.

This section explores various aspects of the selection process between receipt of applications and consideration of short-listed candidates.

Provision of accurate and relevant information about the job is essential. This should result in a degree of self-selection by potential applicants on whether to proceed with an application or to withdraw. On-line technology can be a valuable tool in facilitating this. On-line screening questionnaires may help candidates determine for themselves whether they have appropriate competencies, skills and knowledge for the position.

Preparing a shortlist from the applications received must be a rigorous and highly disciplined process. Members of a short-listing board should be properly briefed and prepared for the task to ensure consistency of approach in rating candidates. The entire process should be documented carefully in order to defend decisions taken and provide feedback to candidates.

This section aims to answer the following key questions:

  • What information must I gather in the application form?
  • How can I encourage suitable candidates to apply?
  • How can technology be used to improve the efficiency of the process?
  • What mechanisms can I use to effectively shortlist candidates?

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