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Interviewing has long been a key feature of the recruitment process in both the Private and Public sectors. It is usually the last major step in the process and is central to the final selection decision. It is, therefore, critically important to an organisation that itÂ’s interviews are of a high standard. Good decisions will have an ongoing beneficial effect on the organisation, whilst poor ones are difficult to rectify and can have negative impacts far wider than in the immediate area in which the appointee works directly.

Training of interview board members is an essential part of successful interviewing. Effective interview training enables board members to develop skills in questioning and evaluating candidates in a fair and consistent way. Training of interview board members provides them with experience of different approaches and a good understanding of methods of rating candidates fairly and consistently.

From a HR perspective clarity around the roles and responsibilities of each member of the interview board is important to ensure that the overall interview process is effective and transparent.

This section aims to answer the following key questions:

  • What different types of interview can I use?
  • Which ones are appropriate in which situations?
  • What are the key elements of an effective interview?
  • How can the interview board ensure consistency in it’s rating of candidates?
  • What other sources of information can I integrate into the interview?

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