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Sample Job Description and Person Specification

Sample 1

Assistant Principal - Civil Service Training and Development Centre

Job Description

The person(s) appointed will be expected to take part in some or all of the following:

  • Working as part of a team of trainers to implement the Civil Service Training and Development Framework
  • Provision of advice and support to Departments on a wide range of training and development issues
  • Managing in-service and external training activities including management of budgets
  • Designing, organising and delivering training programmes and courses
  • Supporting and facilitating the current range of Networks run by the CSTDC
  • Working in partnership with Departments and Offices in identifying training needs and planning appropriate responses to address those needs
  • Continuous learning in relation to best practice and new ideas in training and other aspects of staff development
  • Managing and developing staff in the Civil Service Training and Development Centre
  • Ongoing liaison with other service providers engaged in the delivery of training
  • Such other functions as may from time to time be required to fulfil the business objectives of the CSTDC

Candidates should note that on appointment, some travel may be required to deliver training in regional locations and when this occurs, appropriate travel and subsistence arrangements will apply.

Personal Requirements

Candidates for the post(s) will be expected to have:

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • A strong focus on quality customer service
  • A thorough understanding and appreciation of the role of training and development in today’s Civil Service
  • Keen intelligence, reasoning powers, imagination and judgement
  • An aptitude for analytical thought
  • A proven record of willingness to take the initiative and adopt a proactive approach.
  • Good motivational skills and be capable of working well on one’s own or as a member of a team
  • Team leadership skills
  • Proven management skills
  • Planning and organisational skills.

Sample 2

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