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Appendix E

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Internal Notice

Office Notice 1/2005

Competition for Executive Officer

(Managers are requested to ensure that all relevant staff are familiar with the contents of this Office notice. If you have any staff on leave, please notify HR so that this notice can be issued to them.)

It is proposed to hold an internal competition to fill posts at Executive Officer (EO) level. One Executive Officer post will be filled on a permanent basis (subject to the probationary period being satisfactorily completed). It is intended that a panel will be formed (consisting of all SOs who qualify at the selection process) for filling further permanent and temporary vacancies at Executive Officer level which may occur in the lifetime of the panel. It is also proposed to fill at least one temporary post for Executive Officer (Acting) for a period of at least six months. The appointments will be on a full-time basis initially. These panels will expire in ………………


Executive Officer

Applications are invited from persons in this organisation, who, on……………………,were serving as an established Staff Officer, or as an established Clerical Officer with at least two years service.

No person will be appointed unless:

  • s/he has worked well in his/her present capacity;
  • his/her general conduct has been satisfactory;
  • s/he is suitable from the point of view of health and with
  • particular reference to sick leave (Circular 34/76, 32/91
    and 33/99 refer).


Selection will be by way of:

  • A Structured Interview
  • A Written Exercise
  • An Optional Language Test

During the interview the board will focus on assessing candidates’ key achievements in their career to date under four broad areas, which have been found to be necessary for the role of Executive Officer. The board will also be interested in candidates’ ability to identify how their achievements would help them meet the requirements of the role. Candidates will be expected to display high levels of ability across the following competency areas:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Thoroughness and Accuracy
  • Planning & Organising
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Teamworking
  • Written Communication
  • Commitment to Achieving Results
  • Initiative

Credit will be awarded for proficiency in Irish & English in accordance with Circular 30/90 and 43/75, to candidates qualified for the award of such credit.


Those interested in being considered for the posts should complete the attached application form and send it to ………… , Human Resources, no later than ……… ……… on ………

This Office will not be liable for any expense incurred by candidates, in applying for this competition, or when requested to take up a position.

This Office is an equal opportunities employer. Promotion is on the basis of qualifications and the ability to carry out the responsibilities of the post.

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