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Recruitment & Selection Toolkit

The Recruitment & Selection Toolkit was developed by the Public Appointments Service in partnership with the Civil Service Personnel Officers Network with contributions from senior HR practitioners across the Public Service.

The aim of the Toolkit is to provide managers with information and practical guidelines on all aspects of recruitment, assessment and selection. This will help to ensure that organisations can recruit and select the right people to serve the current and future needs of their respective organisations. The Toolkit provides practical advice on implementing transparent, effective and efficient merit-based selection systems and in particular provides information and guidance in relation to putting effective interview systems in place.

The Toolkit itself is a comprehensive, high quality production which provides easy access to all of the information required. It has a Public Sector focus and is packed full of examples and practical advice on implementing all aspects of recruitment and selection from the initial stages of profiling the job and person required, to advertising the job, managing the application process, short-listing applicants, carrying out effective interviews and references, medicals and other types of checks.

The Toolkit has established itself as the foremost reference for best practice in Public Sector Recruitment and Selection.

Please note that the Recruitment and Selection Toolkit is currently being reviewed to ensure that it reflects new developments and up to date best practice in recruitment and selection. While the content of the current version remains valid, a updated version of the Toolkit encompassing any amendments or additions arising from the review will be available on the website before the end of 2016.

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