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Excellent insights from the first Civil Service Employee Engagement Survey

  • The results of the first ever Employee Engagement Survey conducted across the Irish Civil Service survey have just been published. The report makes for interesting reading and provides a very useful base for future development.

    I'd like to congratulate our colleagues on the project team in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) who drove this important project, and to the team in the Central Statistics Office (CSO) who gathered and analysed the huge number of responses from more than 15,500 Irish civil servants.
    This survey provided all civil servants based in Ireland and abroad an opportunity to confidentially give their views on areas such as: employee engagement, well-being, coping with change and commitment to the organisation.

    The report is very well presented in an easy-to-read format, and provides international comparisons on each of the area's measured. The results, published by the Civil Service Management Board, are largely positive, with ‘Overall Employee Engagement’ coming in at 70%. It also shows that civil servants are highly engaged, competent and resilient employees. The results also highlight a number of challenges for the Civil Service, in areas including: leadership, career development and organisational support.
    The output from this survey provides valuable encouragement and highlights areas for focused attention as we strive to deliver excellent services for the public within a changing Ireland and a changing Civil Service.
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