PAS | How to withdraw a Decentralisation Application

How to Withdraw a Decentralisation Application

Step 1

To enter the logon screen, click on the "Applicants" link on the top navigation bar

Click on \'Applicants\' link

Step 2

Enter your username and password and click on "Log In"

Enter username and password

Step 3

This will bring you to the "My Personal Details" page. From the left-hand navigation, click on "Decentralisation Application"

Click on \'Decentralisation Application\'

Step 4

This will bring you to your "My Decentralisation Application" page. Enter your keyword and then click "Withdraw Application"

Enter your keyword and then click \'Withdraw Application\'

Step 5

You will then be presented with a page confirming that you wish to withdraw you application. Click "Yes" to confirm.

Click \'Yes\'

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