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The Public Service Agreement 2010-2014 has been ratified by the ICTU Public Services Committee. The Agreement, also known as the Croke Park Agreement, provides a platform for a faster pace of Public Service transformation.

(From the Croke Park Agreement);

Redeployment in the integrated public service

7. Flexible redeployment is necessary to sustain the commitment to job security within the public service. The parties have agreed appropriate arrangements to redeploy staff within and across each sector of the Public Service. If it is not feasible to redeploy within the sector, crosssectoral redeployment may take place, within a geographic area where possible, having regard to the arrangements agreed in respect of non-commercial State-sponsored bodies.

8. In order to help in the integration of the public service, barriers to a unified public service labour market will be dismantled, including through legislative provision as appropriate. To the greatest extent possible, there will be standardised terms and conditions of employment across the Public Service, with the focus initially within sectors. In that context, the Parties have agreed to review and revise contractual or other arrangements or practices which generate inflexibility or restrict mobility.

The Agreement can be viewed in full here;
The Public Service Agreement 2010 - 2014

Please also refer to Department of Finance Circular 08/2010;
Redeployment Scheme Circular 08/2010

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