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Ireland has a long and honourable tradition in education. Ireland now has one of the highest educational participation rates in the world - 81% of Irish students complete second-level and approx 60% go on to higher education. This dynamic, educated population has made its mark at home and abroad with international companies looking to Ireland again and again when hiring graduates for top class positions.

The Department of Education and Skills administers all aspects of education policy including curricula, syllabi and national examinations. Attendance at full time education is compulsory in Ireland from six to fifteen years of age and is free in the majority of schools, and at undergraduate third-level. Education is considered a fundamental right under our constitution.

There are many and varied roles within the broader Education Sector in Ireland.

The Public Appointments Service has recruited for many of these roles, including; Primary School Inspectors, Chief Inspectors (primary and post-primary), Education Psychologists, and Assistant Secretary in the Department of Education and Skills.

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