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National University Of Ireland, Galway

Established in 1845, NUI Galway is one of Ireland's foremost centres of academic excellence. With over 16,000 students and more than 2,200 staff, NUI Galway has a distinguished reputation for teaching and research excellence in the fields of arts, social science, and Celtic studies; business, public policy and law; engineering and informatics; medicine, nursing and health sciences; and science.

NUI Galway offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas of international standard, which provide students with opportunities for personal and academic development, as well as giving them the knowledge and skills they need to pursue successful careers. The University's approach to innovative programme development means that courses are developed to reflect the ever-changing needs of the job market and the economy. In 2009 NUI Galway was recognised as University of the Year by The Sunday Times , outperforming 21 other Irish third-level institutions to achieve this distinction.

NUI Galway is a research-led University ranked among the top 250 universities in the world with internationally recognised expertise in selected priority areas. Research at NUI Galway is forward-thinking and global in scale. Today NUIG are leading the field in a wide range of areas including stem cell and gene therapy research, human rights law, environmental change, and developing the next generation of internet technology.

NUIG key research achievements include:

  • Home to two Science Foundation Ireland-funded Centres for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSETs), Digital Enterprise research Institute (DERI) and Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI)
  • Awarded Republic of Ireland's first UNESCO Chair in Children's Youth and Civic Engagement
  • The world's leading experts in Human Rights Law
  • Ireland's leading Marine and Environmental Research Centres
  • Ireland's primary centre for stem cell and gene therapy research and regenerative medicine
  • DERI, the world's largest research institute of internet technology

Range of Jobs

The roles in NUI Galway are many and varied. Many of those employed by NUI Galway have their own professional career paths. Samples of the current positions are available on:


Due to the range and diversity of jobs in NUI Galway, it is recommended that you study the job descriptions of the positions of interest to you. This will help you reflect on the skills and attributes needed for the various positions and how you might match them or may help identify areas you need to improve on to become a successful candidate.

Looking for a Career in NUI Galway

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