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The Irish Universities - An Overview

The quest for excellence is the bedrock of the seven Irish universities from the oldest Trinity College Dublin founded in 1592 to the newest, Dublin City University, established in 1989. All seven are ranked in the top 500, with two in the top 150. Irish universities are internationally recognised for quality in education, research and the overall student experience, a recognition they relentlessly strive to enhance.

Our universities work together on areas of common interest under the banner of the Irish Universities Association . The IUA is the representative body of the seven universities.

Teaching & Learning

Irish university degrees are fully recognised internationally, ensuring graduates from Irish universities can make full use of their qualifications across Europe and Worldwide. Recent official reports show that Ireland is at the top of the league in implementing major European higher education and research policies, and the universities are full participants in many European and international teaching networks.

Many of the universities offer internships and work placements to allow students to apply their learning in a hands-on context, while continuing to excel academically. This vibrant culture has helped Irish university graduates to distinguish themselves as leaders of economic, social and cultural development in Ireland and throughout the world. Irish Universities have always been very international in their activities, through many pioneering undergraduate programmes involving international exchanges and their growing international postgraduate student population.


Significant government investment in research and development over the past decade makes the Irish universities an especially attractive destination for talented staff, researchers and scholars. The universities are central in ensuring Ireland continues to advance and becomes a fully-fledged knowledge society.

Postgraduate Research at Irish Universities crosses the traditional boundaries between academic disciplines and involves collaboration with national and international partners as well as interaction with a broad range of funding agencies, institutions, non-governmental agencies and private companies.

The world class research in Irish universities builds bridges with business and industry. It also brings new knowledge and ideas to the third level experience, keeping it fresh and exciting. Irish Universities' major research centres and institutes are exceptionally successful in securing European Union funding giving staff and students the opportunity to research at other leading European and International universities.

The University Environment

Irish universities are fully integrated into the life of their cities and regions, with vibrant student communities and social life. Staff and students are encouraged to become actively involved in a wide range of social, cultural and sporting activities available.

Working for an Irish University

Working for a university offers a flexible, dynamic and generally international work environment. A career in higher education generally comes with professional and personal development opportunities

Universities offer career opportunities in many different fields, which can be divided into two main categories:

  • Academic Careers
  • Academic Support

Academic Careers

University lectureships usually combine the direct teaching of students with the opportunity to pursue your own research interests. Most positions also involve a significant amount of administration, at a departmental, school, faculty and University level.

Academic staff are highly qualified, with a PhD usually being required by employers. University teaching jobs may be permanent or fixed-term.

Academics have the opportunity to engage with teaching and learning, undertake independent research, and contribute to transfer of knowledge that benefits the individual university and society. There are many opportunities for collaboration with other higher education institutions or industry nationally and internationally.

Academic support

Universities require knowledgeable, talented individuals to work in roles that support front-line staff and students. There is a wide range of support roles in administration and student and staff services which ensure the smooth running of the universities.

Support/Administrative Roles Include:

  • Administration, including student registration and admissions, central services administration, departmental co-ordination
  • Library and information staff
  • Scientific support, e.g. laboratory technicians
  • Human resource management, including staff development and training
  • IT and systems support
  • Public relations and marketing posts, promoting universities to prospective students, alumni, businesses and the community
  • Student welfare and support: careers, counselling and advice services, disability support, international student support
  • Accommodation, catering and conference services
  • Financial management
  • Health & safety
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