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University College Cork

UCC was established in 1845 as one of three Queen's Colleges at Cork, Galway and Belfast. The site chosen for the college is particularly appropriate given its connection with the patron saint of Cork, St Finbarr. It is believed his monastery and school stood on the bank of the river Lee, which runs through the lower grounds of the university. The University's motto is 'Where Finbarr Taught, let Munster Learn.'

On November 7th 1849, Queen's College Cork opened its doors to a privileged section of the youth of Munster (115 students in that first session, 1849-'50) after a glittering inaugural ceremony in the Aula Maxima which, the newspapers remarked, already looked mellow though just completed, and which is still the symbolic and ceremonial heart of the college.

University College, Cork is a collegiate, progressive, dynamic research-led university developing a reputation as a world class regional university, built on the history of significant achievements in teaching and learning and research, and strong academic and professional leadership. UCC is known for its cosmopolitan character with an admirable student mix; the excellence of its teaching and academic standards; the flexibility of its degree programmes; its low drop-out rates; its high level of graduate employment; its links with business and industry and its successful Access and Bridging the Gap programmes.

Range of Jobs

The roles in UCC are many and varied. Staff are essential to the achievement of its mission and UCC places a special emphasis on quality improvement strategies in Human Resource Management. It seeks to develop staff capable of keeping the University at the forefront in all that it does.

UCC offers competitive remuneration packages with progressive employment and training policies to ensure that staff have every opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and expertise to carry out their duties effectively and to achieve their full potential.

Samples of the current positions are available on; . To sign up for job alerts log in to The national, local press, local government magazines and specialist trade journals also carry job advertisements.


Due to the range and diversity of jobs in UCC, it is recommended that you study the job descriptions of the positions of interest to you. This will help you reflect on the skills and attributes needed for the various positions and how you might match them or may help identify areas you need to improve on to become a successful candidate.

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