1. Financial Statements

Financial statements are available in all PAS Annual Reports at: http://www.publicjobs.ie/publicjobs/about/publications.htm

As Accounting Officer for Vote 17, the CEO of the Public Appointments Service is required each year to prepare the appropriation account for the Vote, and to submit the account to the Comptroller and Auditor General for audit. The audited accounts for 2022 are available at: Vote 17 - Public Appointments Service (audit.gov.ie). PAS do not make charitable donations or community contributions.

2. Plans for Major Capital Expenditure

PAS is currently procuring a replacement for our recruitment application and this is a significant capital project for PAS. Procurement is being conducted through the Office of Government Procurement. PAS has been allocated capital funding of €2m for 2024 to cover all capital expenditure.

3. Payments or Purchase Orders for Goods and Services

Payments or purchase orders for goods and services are available at: http://www.publicjobs.ie/publicjobs/about/purchase_orders.htm

4. Governance Board Member Remuneration

Board member and audit committee remuneration details are as follows:

PAS Board

Name Date of Appointment Appointed By Annual Rate of Pay
Ms Tom Moran Chairman 12/02/18 Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform €11,970pa
Ms. Mary Connaughton 12/02/18 Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform from advertised process €7,695pa

Audit Committee

Name Rate of Pay
Mr Kevin Smyth €402.39 per quarter
Mr Noel O'Connell €282.79 per quarter
Ms Valerie Bowens €282.79 per quarter
Ms Anne-Marie Taylor €282.79 per quarter

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Board

Name Rate of Pay
Dr. Salome Mbugua €402.39 per quarter